Culture for Students

Elementary School

Augustin, Pirates des Indes

Augustin Volubile Poivre is 6 years old when he becomes the captain of a pirate ship - his passion: spices. In order to uncover the treasure of Maharadja de Pondichéry, Augustin and his crew (the children in the audience) will cross the Indian ocean on humpback whales, discover cinnamon and cloves trees, and escape from tigers… A true pirate's tale on the trail to the west indies, an olfactory voyage, interactive, full of invention and happy spirits!

Written and directed by Marc Wolters.
With Julien Large or Tullio Cipriano or Adrien Noblet
February 28, 2020 | primary school and Y1/Y2 students

Chen Jiang Hong

Chen Jiang Hong, author and illustrator of the book The Tiger Prince (2005) will initiate second grade students to chinese painting. Chen Jiang Hong was born in Tianjin, China, where he studied fine art at the School of Arts before completing his postgraduate education at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. After graduating, he moved to Paris where he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and began his career as an artist. His work has been exhibited around the world, notably at the library gallery at the Louvre, at the Centre Pompidou, and at Versailles. He illustrated 22 books and wrote 12 of them, combining traditional techniques -such as Chinese ink painting on rice or silk paper- with a modern conception of storytelling.
January 14 and 16, 2020 | Y2 students

An Encounter with Paul Gallay

Paul Gallay, president of the organization Riverkeeper joins students to discuss the protection of the Hudson river, the main source of water for nine million New Yorkers. Paul and the Riverkeeper team work to protect the Hudson River and the drinking water supplies for nine million New Yorkers. An attorney and educator, Paul has dedicated himself to the environmental movement since 1987, when he went to work for the New York State Attorney General. In 1990, Paul began a ten-year stint at New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, and subsequently spent a decade in the land conservation movement before becoming Riverkeeper’s President in 2010. Paul currently teaches at Columbia University's the Earth Institute.
November 1, 2019 | Y4 students