Hervé Tullet

Artist, children's literature author, illustrator
The Ideal Exhibition
November 2021 to March 2022
Year 1
This residency consists in the making of a large-scale collaborative creation project called The Ideal Exhibition. On his website www.theidealexhibition.com Hervé Tullet shares his inspirations, thoughts, processes and creative techniques. Using random simple gestures, Hervé invites students to unleash their creativity, and put together one of his exhibitions... without him.
The Lycée Ideal Exhibition will be shown in the building in the spring of 2022.

About Hervé Tullet
Hervé Tullet is a French artist, performer and author of children's books. After studying illustration and visual communication, he worked in advertising. In 1994, he published his first children's book at the Seuil jeunesse: “Comment Papa a rencontré Maman”. Recognition came shortly after: he received the Non-Fiction Prize at the Bologna International Fair in 1998 for "Faut pas confondre". With his books, Hervé Tullet speaks to everyone from early childhood as his works are meant to be touched and felt as much as they are to be read. When he was living in the United States from 2015 to 2020, Hervé Tullet carried out numerous workshops in prestigious places such as the Library of Congress (Washington), the MoMA or the Guggenheim Museum, and has designed exhibitions around his work (Invisible Dog Art Center, Children's Museum of Pittsburgh). For the first time, a retrospective was devoted to his work in Seoul in 2018.