Laura Nsafou

Afrofeminist blogger and author
Eli and the Broken Mask
March 14-April 8, 2022
Year 5
The residency consists in the collaborative writing and edition of a book among all 5th graders. The central theme of the project is diversity through multiple mediums. Each chapter of the book will include poems and illustrations made by students along with a digital animated version of the narrative and a song.

About Laura Nsafou
Laura Nsafou embodies a whole new generation of authors, since she began her career on blogs. Her writing alternates between fiction and feature articles. She has long been interested in the stakes of publishing and the digital world. As a committed Afro-feminist, she also tackles social representations, history and culture of black women on her dedicated site: Her writings led her to collaborate with several web platforms, newspapers and celebrities. Her motto is: “Write. So that it is no longer possible to say once again: I didn't know." Her studies in Finland inspired the Scandinavian sets of her novel A mains nues bare hands and her reflection on cultural differences in social settings.