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Rough Cut

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 5pm

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  • Rough Cut - the Lycée's Short Film Festival

Created in 2010, Rough Cut takes place each year and welcomes the participation of schools throughout New York City and beyond.
Students are free to create films on any school appropriate subject; the only requirement is that the films are less than ten minutes long.

A jury of faculty, students and film professionals give out four awards: Best Animated Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Narrative Short, and Best Experimental Short. The audience also votes for its favorite movie!

Submission due on Monday, February 11.

For information about the competition, please contact Eric Samulski,
  • Send in hard copies of your films to Mr. Eric Samulski, 505 East 75th street, New York, NY 10021
  • Send digital copies to

Download Rules of the Rough Cut Festival

    • 2017 Winner

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  • Winners of the previous editions

    2017: Evariste Gindrey, Lycée Français de New York, "Loop"
    2016: Milo Sobral, FASNY, for “Sleepless
    2015: Sarah Maouchi, Zoé Lacau & Noémie Wendelbo
    2014: Theo Le Sourd & Pierre Hirschler for “Apartment 42H
    2013: Theo Le Sourd & Pierre Hirschler for “Food Doodle
    2012: Xavier Ferland-Brissette
    2011: Terry Noiran