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Monday, January 14, 2019, 6:30 PM

Seeking Resolution in Situations of Conflict

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  • A Look at Innovative Approaches to Peacemaking

How do we transition from a state of war to a state of peace? Who are the actors involved? Which  peacemaking strategies are most effective in helping to disentangle complicated situations of conflict? Diplomats, peacemaking experts, committed artists and journalists will share with us their views on these sensitive issues along with various innovative approaches to making long-lasting peace.

Frédérique Bedos

For 15 years, Frédérique Bedos worked as a journalist and TV and radio host both in France and abroad. In 2010, she created the information NGO “Le Projet Imagine”. Her motto: inspire in order to take action! Her answer is to produce films and introduce people to "humble heroes". The ultimate goal of Imagine Project is to generate a broad popular movement that wants to invent a different way of being in the world. On September 18, Fréderique received the prestigious award of Doctor Honoris Causa at Lille Catholic University.

Marc Jacquand

An alumn and Lycee parent, Marc Jacquand is an expert in post-conflict and peacebuilding programming, with recent work for United Nations missions in South Sudan, Libya, Haiti, Yemen and Somalia. He has served a variety of roles for multiple UN agencies, most recently as Strategic Planning Advisor for the UN Office of the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNESCO), and Policy Specialist for the UN Development Operations Coordination Office (UNDOCO). He also teaches at Columbia University.

Saskia Keeley

In Saskia's work, the cameras create a human bridge. Saskia Bory Keeley is a Swiss photographer who partners with humanitarian organizations, including Leaders' Quest (India), the END Fund/Amani Global Works (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Roots and Taghyeer (West Bank) and We Love Reading (Jordan). Saskia runs photography workshops in which participants unpack decades of hate through the simple acts of looking and listening. She is exploring where these workshops can be helpful in global conversations toward peace and within divided communities.