Panel Talks

2019-2020 Panel Talks

What Future for our National Heritage?

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  • March 9, 2020 | 6:30pm | Free

The controversial reconstruction of Notre-Dame, which suffered considerable damage last spring due to a fire, has sparked another question around national heritage and its adaptation to the present and future. Technological advances sometimes render obsolete construction that have been built centuries ago. Should we favor a newly built version which is adapted to current times or preserve the original as a way to remember the past? The debate will in part cover current discussions about Notre-Dame.

Guest speakers
Pierre-Antoine Gatier, Chief Architect for Historical Monuments
Stephen Murray, Professor at Columbia University, Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor of Medieval Art History Emeritus
Michel Picaud, President, Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris

The Circular Economy

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  • October 21, 2019 | 6:30pm | Free

From Linear to Circular Economy

Is adopting sustainable practices and shifting to the Circular economy the best solutions to quickly reduce carbon emissions, and ocean and land pollution? Could it help save our natural resources and help us reach zero waste? 

Listen to our experts coming from government, city, business and a successful circular economy start-up talk about what efforts they're making towards this important transition. You'll also get some advice on what we can do as citizens, to help speed up the transition.

Moderated by Jean-Christian Agid, former journalist for French and American television and radio.


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Farah Albani, Policy Advisor on the Strategic Initiatives team at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.
In her role, she works with agencies to manage the City’s waste portfolio including circular economy development through the prevention, diversion, and reduction of waste; extended producer responsibility; and partnerships. She also works on experiential engagement initiatives and place-based planning. She has a degree in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management from George Washington University.
Meriem Hammoutene, US Brand Partnerships Lead, Loop at TerraCycle.
Meriem has more than 6 years experience working in the Consumer Goods Industry managing global & iconic brands such as Dove, Activia, Breyers working at Danone or Unilever. Embracing her growing passion for sustainability became an obvious career choice after she took a year off in 2018 to pursue personal projects. She joined TerraCycle in 2019 on the Loop initiative. Announced at the World Economic Forum at Davos early this year, Loop is a groundbreaking step towards the end of single-use disposable materials and the beginning of a circular economy for the consumer goods industry. launched in May 2019 in NYC area and expanded in other East Coast states since then.
Frédéric Glanois, Minister Counselor for Economic and Financial Affairs at the Permanent Mission of France to the UN. Prior to joining the Permanent mission, he was heading the office of Multilateral Affairs and Development Finance at the Treasury (2012-2015), then appointed in the French negotiation team for the UNFCCC Paris Climate Summit (2015), then appointed as Head of the Economics Department in the French representation in Taiwan (2016-2018) where he worked among other on circular economy cooperation.
Sam Loni, Partnerships Manager of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
Sam Loni is a young global leader working in sustainable development, youth empowerment, and human rights. He is based at the Secretariat of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a program launched by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to mobilize global expertise around the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, Sam founded SDSN Youth, a program which empowers youth globally to create sustainable development solutions. As its Global Coordinator, Sam has mobilized thousands of young people globally to engage with the SDGs. 
Dennis Wilson, Director of Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety , Saint-Gobain North America (parent company of CertainTeed). Dennis joined CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain in 2007 and has since worked in a variety of operational EHS, product stewardship and sustainability roles.  Dennis’ team manages Saint-Gobain North America’s environmental, health and safety programs as well as process and product sustainability efforts including waste, water, energy, greenhouse gas reduction and product life cycle assessments.