Artists in Residence

2023-2024 Programs

The Artist in Residence Program inspires creativity in our students through weeklong workshops with renowned artists working in many fields.
Students across one grade work with an artist on a single project, which is performed or exhibited for the entire community. The arts, whether music, visual arts, dance or theater, hold an important place in the lives of students at the Lycée Francais de New York. The Artist-in-Residence program further supports our other classroom and co-curricular activities in the arts and plays an essential role in the mission of the school.

AIR at a glance: Chef Éric Ripert, 2022

2022-2023 Season

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  • Emeline Michel (1st graders)

    May 6-10, 2024
    Emeline Michel, a Haitian songstress and Red Cross Ambassador, has gained international acclaim for her captivating blend of pop, jazz, blues, and traditional Haitian rhythms, creating profoundly moving and joyful music showcased through charismatic live performances. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has graced prestigious venues worldwide, including Carnegie Hall, The United Nations, and various music festivals. Praised by the New York Times as a "diplomat of music," Emeline Michel's serene and warm voice has made her a cherished advocate for social issues, particularly those concerning women and children.

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  • Élodie Blanchard (3rd graders)

    February 5-9, 2024
    Élodie Blanchard is an artist and designer. Through material exploration, repurposing, and a near meditative process of repetition, she transforms the discarded and the commonplace into fantastical objects and playful environments that give us permission to explore our ambiguous relationship to nature, to others, and to ourselves. Her universe is joyful and humorous. She is coming back to the Lycée for a residency titled Creating with Textile with our 3rd graders.

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  • Aurélien Kairo & Karla Pollux (5th graders)

    October 30-November 3, 2023
    Cie De Fakto | Established in Lyon in 2002 by Aurélien Kairo, Compagnie De Fakto has more than 15 dance pieces to its name. They all stem from hip hop culture and the arts of mime and gesture. In residence in Feyzin since 2017, Karla Pollux and Aurélien Kairo have set up the ID training programme, a 900-hour educational and artistic pathway designed for hip hop dancers who want to work professionally in the performing-arts sector. To date, the course has more than 80 alumni.

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  • Battery Dance Company (8th graders)

    April 29-May 3, 2024
    For the past 40 years Battery Dance has toured, held master classes, lectured and presented, provided technical training, and conducted its signature arts education program Dancing to Connect in over 54 countries worldwide. Battery Dance has partnered with over 200 foreign organizations and continues to lead the arts community in heralding new and innovative international collaborations. Our history of reaching diverse international audiences has earned the organization a reputation of being a leader in cultural diplomacy.

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  • Denis Darzacq (10th graders)

    January 22-26, 2024
    Denis Darzacq is a Parisian photographer who started in video before pursuing a successful career in photography. He documented the French rock scene and worked as a still photographer for renowned filmmakers. Since 1995, Darzacq has been exploring the interactions of individuals from minority backgrounds with society, capturing social, ethnic, sexual, and physical aspects in his photographs. In recent years, he has expanded his artistic endeavors to include filmmaking, video installations, and sculptures, all while continuing to question the materiality and meaning of images through his thought-provoking work.