Artists in Residence

2021-2022 Programs

2021-2022 Season

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  • Laura Nsafou

    5th Grade
    Laura Nsafou, a writer and Afro-feminist blogger, addresses on her blog Mrs Roots issues related to Afro-feminism in France and the visibility of Afro literature. From the creation of her platform to the coordination of several cultural projects (writing workshops, meetings, youth workshops, etc.), she is concerned about the lack of representation of society in French literature.

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  • Hervé Tullet

    1st Grade
    Hervé Tullet is a French artist, performer, and author of children's books. From 2015 to 2020, Hervé Tullet was based in the United States, where he conducted numerous workshops in prestigious locations such as the Library of Congress (Washington), the MoMA, or the Guggenheim Museum, and curated exhibitions around his work (Invisible Dog Art Center, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh). The 1st graders have completed their Ideal Exhibition, Hervé Tullet's latest collaborative project, which is diverse and based on his art and philosophy.

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  • Éric Ripert

    3rd Grade
    Éric Ripert is the chef of the three-star Michelin restaurant Le Bernardin. The 3rd graders had the opportunity to immerse themselves in his world, visit the restaurant's kitchens, and create their own menu under Éric's expert guidance.

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  • Marc Levy

    8th Grade
    Marc Lévy is a renowned French novelist based in New York. He shared with the 8th graders the power of imagination and creativity. Together, they created a booklet that brings together all the students' written works, both individual and collective.

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  • Lou Nodet

    10th Grade
    Lou Nodet is a young carnettiste discovered in the film Dans les pas de Lou by Hervé Tiberghien. The 10th graders drew inspiration from her incredible adventures and techniques to create their own travel sketchbooks, capturing the heart of New York City.