Valérie Zenatti

From October 29 to November 23, 2020
8th grade
Throughout this month-long residence, Zenatti will lead students on a literary journey around the theme of the encounter - more specifically the absence of encounters, echoing spring 2020 when students, like the rest of the country, where mandated to stay home.

Students will record their written works to present to their parents during a final presentation which will conclude the residency.

About Valérie Zenatti
Valérie Zenatti is a French author, screenwriter and translator. Born in the south of France, she moved to Israel, when she was 13 and later completed the mandatory national service, which inspired her novel, When I was a Soldier (2002). Zenatti now lives in Paris. Her books for children and young adults, largely inspired by her personal experiences, are concerned both with the experiences of children and youth cultures and the everyday lives of young people amid the cultural, political, and religious conflicts between Gaza and Jerusalem. She is the author of A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (2005), which was also turned into a movie.