Delphine Diallo

Voyage and Children of the World
From November 30 to December 15, 2020
4th grade
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Empathy and opening up to a diverse world is essential especially for children at an age when they are discovering themselves and the world around them. The residency will give students an opportunity to share their compassionate vision of the world by creating collages on the theme "I Am a Child  of the World".

About Delphine Diallo
Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer. She graduated from the Académie Charpentier School of Visual Art in Paris in 1999 before working in the music industry for seven years as a special effect motion artist, video editor and graphic designer. In 2008, she moved to New York City to explore her own practice after giving up a cooperate Art Director role in Paris. Diallo was mentored by acclaimed photographer and artist of Peter Beard who was impressed by her creativity and spontaneity before offering her to collaborate for the Pirelli calendar photo shoot in Botswana. Inspired by new environments on this trip, she decided to return to her father's home city of Saint-Louis in Senegal to start her own vision quest.Where ever she can, Diallo combines artistry with activism, pushing the many possibilities of empowering women, youth, and cultural minorities through visual provocation. Diallo uses analog, digital photography and collages  as she continues to explore new mediums.