The comics
April 23-June 4, 2021
10th grade
This residency introduced the students to comics, so that they could later use these skills in other disciplines or for other projects. More specifically, the objective was to give students notions of comic book narration, allowing them to make a comic strip (/ page) at the end of the workshop, alone or in groups. The boards presented a full story, or were the first of a longer story, provided it forms a cohesive whole.
The project is part of language teaching, and addresses themes related to cultural identity, to the encounter through culture and art, to the relationship between dominant culture and counter-culture...

About Maël
Maël is a cartoonist, screenwriter, illustrator, graphic designer. Since his debut in 2003, he has published around 20 comic books. His career as a designer took a turn with the publication, at Futuropolis, in collaboration with Kris, of the much noticed Notre Mère la Guerre, a four-volume series which is now a reference among the stories devoted to the Great War, followed by the one-shot documentary Revenants directed by Olivier Morel. He had previously drawn L’encre du passé (Dupuis/Aire Libre), Dans la Colonie Pénitentiaire (Delcourt), Les Rêves de Milton (Dupuis/Aire Libre), Tamino (Glénat), and participated in numerous collective works. In 2014, he published the album Entre les lignes with Daniel Maghen editions, produced in collaboration with graphic designer Vincent Odin. Then he found Kris with whom he directed the series Notre Amérique. Maël recently collaborated as an illustrator on director Raoul Peck's documentary series "Exterminate all the brutes".